A Celebration of Winter in Vancouver

Vancouver - British Columbia - CANADA

Fourth Edition 2003/2004

Introduction - Part 1

The relationship between the City of Vancouver and snow is very special indeed. During the course of a "normal" winter snow appears as part of a short term weather event that may not even be noticed by the population. It may occur overnight and be washed away by following rains by the morning, or it may be so fleeting that by the time it hits the ground it is seconds away from the end of its existence. This is what we in Vancouver are accustomed to experiencing.

When a "real" snowfall threatens or does occur the city goes on full alert and a form of apprehension sets in. The media contain reports of how many salt trucks and plows are on hand to do battle with this invader, of the steps the transportation network has taken to deal with the threat and that police motorcycles have been taken off the streets and replaced by cruisers. Workers become concerned about the ability to get home after work safely. All this even if the potential snowfall it is be no more that 1-2 inches (3cm-5cm), something that most other cities in Canada would not even notice.

Why is this so? There are a number of reasons for this effect. The first is the fact that it is a rare event and quickly forgotten with the soon to follow rain. This results in a lack of general experience in coping with snow. The second is a gamble by motorists that snow tires will be unnecessary and they are caught like deer in headlights when it comes. Third is the topography of the region. Vancouver and its neighbours have elevations that vary greatly within short distances resulting in massive blockages created by individuals whose cars are not prepared.

Introduction - Part 2

This site celebrates the magical transformation the City of Vancouver undergoes when it is graced by a true snowfall of several inches or more. A different city emerges with new perspectives, new colour combinations and new highlights. It is a wish often expressed that it would be nice to have snow for Christmas, a wish that is hardly ever fulfilled. This site hopes to remedy the situation by providing images from winters past for viewing during the holidays.

These images are from a large collection covering the last 12 years of snow events. Many areas of the city are featured on their own pages. This assortment of pages should also serve to convince those skeptics about major snowfalls in Vancouver that it is indeed possible.

Future editions of this site, which will be available all year, will contain contributions of related images, a history of snow in Vancouver, a calendar of snow/holiday related events and other material about the relationship between the Vancouver area and "the white stuff".

...and now on with the snow!!

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Page1 Downtown
Page2 Stanley Park
Page3 West end
Page4 Gastown
Page5 Granville Island &
False Creek
Page6 North Shore
Page7 Lighter Side
Page8 Holiday Lights

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