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Gastown Winter Scenics

Gastown is made up of structures that relate to the beginnings of Vancouver. It is generally considered to be the birthplace of the City of Vancouver. When snow blankets this area an atmosphere that truly evokes a bygone era manifests itself. It is necessary however to ignore the many aspects of today's world that shout their presence.
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#1 - Part of "The Landing" complex
#2 - The Gastown Steam Clock

#3 - The station on Cordova
#4 - Peachtree, a neat little shop on Water Street

#5 Water Street view
#6 - Water Street view

#7 - Another shop on Water Street
#8 - Somebody has to move this stuff

#9 Entrance to "The Landing" a office and shopping complex
#10 - Another view of the station
#11 - Eastward view of Water Street
#12 - A warm place on a cold day a favourite with families
#13 - Hotel Europe
#14 - Gassy Jack, the whisky barrel is keeping him warm
#15 - Hotel Europe
#16 - A side entrance

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