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The Lighter Side

The juxtoposition of certain elements of Vancouver in snowy surrounding provides for some gentle humour and some ironic situations all of which can be viewed as a source of pleasure.
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#1 - Is that a snowman lawnbowling? Stanley Park banner.
#2 - I will keep you warm. Grounds of City Hall.

#3 - Through sleet and snow and... On the side of the main post office building downtown.
#4 - Does the sun look glum for some reason?

#5 - Looks like the pencils are snowbound for today.
#6 - The Cote d'Azur Restaurant on Robson. The two older houses were demolished soon after this.

#7 - White Tower Restaurant on Robson
#8 - Tropicana Motor Inn on Robson

#9 - "Registration for winter programs is now on." West End Community Centre.
#10 - Playing in the sand or playing in the snow. Not much difference.

#11 - North Pole. Third sign from left.
#12 - There might be something to crystals after all! On Granville Island behind Kid's Only Market.

#13 - What am I doing here? Stanley Park.
#14 - No pitch and putt today. Stanley Park.

#15 - The White Spot Restaurant
#16 - The Snow Garden Restaurant

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