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Stanley Park - Transformation to Winter Wonderland

A magical transformation occurs after a significant snowfall in Stanley Park. It is all the more dramatic because such snowfalls are rare (once every two to three years) and very few last longer than a day or two. When such an event takes place I cannot spend enough time documenting this special personality of the park. The bright colours are removed giving way to mostly white, black and shades of gray. Occasionally hints of colour lying hidden beneath the snow show through. Shapes and shadows become more obvious. Details overlooked at other times vie for attention.

#1 - Lost Lagoon feeding station
#2 - Check out the orange feet
#3 - Lost Lagoon

#4 - The Little Wooden Bridge
#5 - Reflections of winter willows
and the little wooden bridge
#6 - The Little Wooden Bridge

#7 - Empress of Japan figurehead
Lions Gate Bridge in the background
#8 - Third Beach
#9 - Seawall

#10 - Siwash Rock, seawall
#11 - Seawall
#12 - Seawall, Coal Harbour

#13 - Icicles, seawall
#14 - Third Beach seawall
#15 - Icicles, seawall

#16 - Making tracks
#17 - Together forever
#18 - What a place for a walk

#19 - Beaver Lake
#20 - Pitch and Putt course with coloured balls a must
#21 - A park bench

#22 - No games today
#23 - The red is not hot enough to melt the snow
#24 - Cepperley Playground waiting for warmer days

#25 - Teahouse Restaurant
#26 - Feguson Point lookout
#27 - Prospect Point

#28 - Frozen water broken up by tide variations
#29 - "Cool Girl in Wetsuit"
#30 - The proverbial fork in the road.

#31 - Really neat frost buildup
#32 - Lost Lagoon
#33 - Lost Lagoon

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